SS19 // Bohemian Rhapsody

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About the collection

There is a woman. She knows her mind and is living life on her own terms. She is the woman we aspire to be: powerful, inspiring and never more relevant than now. There is an ease to her that is alluring – both in the way she dresses and how she expresses herself. She embodies a world of new possibilities, where women are doing it for themselves and nothing is out of reach”.

Our SS19 collection celebrates every facet of femininity and real women with power and soul. We call the collection Bohemian Rhapsody, it is work of epic poetry where power meets pretty in a romantic ambience.

The colour palette is a group of fresh spring shades taking inspiration from nature and flower gardens. The colour palette is different from previous season. It´s getting much more colourful.

Classic colours like navy, rose, taupe, black, and natural white are core throughout the collection with citrus yellow, botanical greens, bright red and bubblegum as the newest shades.

Silver grey and gold jacquard gives a touch of shine and shimmer to the collection.