AW19 // The concours of elegance

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About the collection

The Dea Kudibal AW19 collection is inspired by art, museums and theatre, along with an electic mix of the tradition and opulence. The tales of past histories create a new story for the future.

The idea of extreme individuality is encapsulated within silhouettes that celebrate unique style. The combination of active influences, opulent architecture and historical patterns creates an individualistic narrative perfect for modern dressing. All within a mix of drama, passion and a little mystery.

Key colours: The colour palette is a dramatic mix of classic navy, burgundy and army green combined with leche, grey and rose. New seasonal colours such as silver blue, lagoon, berry and curry are gently combined with rose, leche and taupe.

Key print and patterns: Floral, hand-drawn images, tapestry and embroidery florals are mixed with graphic print with historical and architectural references. Dynamic stripes, feathers, wings and dots with shiny jacquard patterns and embroidery.

Key materials: Silk satin and georgette. Lurex jacquards, and corduroy. Suede, brocades, embroidery and printed silk velvet.