FLS19 // Moments in Marrakech

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About the collection

For our Flash Summer19 Collection, we wanted to create a collection for the woman who loves to travel and discover new places and for all the women with an independent spirit. Inspired by the effortlessly, laid-back styles in the streets of Marrakech and the precious, sub-tropical surroundings of the Majorelle Garden have set the scene for this collection.

We wanted to capture the vibrant energy from the North African Medinas, where you walk trough streets filled with exotic fruits, colourful hand painted pottery and ceramics to the flourishing gardens and its dreamy set of tropical plants, marbled pools, chirping birds and banana trees, comforting with shade from the blazing sun. A soft, picturesque touch defines some of this collection’s exclusive prints.

These Moments in Marrakesh you will find illustrated in the form of small meadow flowers and large botanical illustrations, to evoke a lush, dreamy garden. Our colour palette incloses soft rose and white tones, audaciously combined with a bright yellow, mint, coral and intense shades of blue.