SS21 // Tribal Glow

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About the collection


Going back to our roots during turbulent times conveys a comforting sense of structure and purpose. Nature,  

Essential for our physical and psychological needs, teaches us to live in relation with each other, not against each other.  

The Dea Kudibal SS21 collection is a celebration of all that connects us. 


Leaving skyscrapers and construction sites behind to venture into the infinitive native roots our chic bohemian decides to follow the “freedom trail” to reconnect with her pioneer roots. She is in the future tribe: A world without borders, where environmental concerns affect us all.  

She is ready to journey through the dense jungles of the Amazon and the forest of Africa, mixing solid basics with tribal and floral prints. 


Color palette taken from tropical fruits, Latin carnivals and ethnic tribes.  

Vibrant coral and shell pink are mixed together with tropical, jungle greens and tans like the exotic plumage of a bird in paradise.